Disc granulator

Disc granulator

product description
The disc of the disc granulator adopts an overall arc structure, and the disc is lined with high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic. The bottom of the disc is reinforced by multiple radiant steel plates. , Running smoothly. The granulating disc of the disc granulator is equipped with three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production operations, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. The reducer and the motor are driven by flexible belts, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force of the buffer, and increase the service life of the equipment.

This series of disc granulator is a new type of inclined disc granulation equipment: the granulation rate can reach more than 95%. The reducer and the motor are driven by a flexible belt, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force and increase the service life of the equipment. The bottom of the pelletizing plate is reinforced by multiple radiant steel plates, which is durable, non-deformed, thickened, heavier, and sturdy base design. It does not need anchor bolts to fix it and runs smoothly. The main gear of the pelletizer adopts high-frequency quenching. The service life is doubled. After the anti-corrosion treatment in the granulation plate, the machine is durable. The machine has uniform granulation, high ball formation rate, stable operation, and durable equipment. The Huaqiang disc granulator has the advantages of long service life and is well received by users Praise, it is the ideal product chosen by the majority of users, the product of this project has also been recognized, and it is a promotion project of my country's environmental protection applicable technology.

The working principle of the disc granulator: the main motor drives the pulley and belt, and the pinion gear is driven by the reducer. The pinion gear and the large gear fixed on the bottom of the disk mesh with each other, and the large gear is designed through a special and reasonable design. Installed on the main shaft fixed on the frame adjustment plate to support the work of the entire granulation plate (this machine is used in conjunction with the sprayer) after the material enters the granulation plate, the continuous rotation of the granulation plate and the spray device make the material Evenly stick together to form spherical particles. An automatic cleaning device is designed in the upper part of the pelletizing plate of the machine to prevent the material from sticking to the wall, thereby greatly improving the service life of the machine. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the material Entering continuously can achieve mass production, which has reached the need for continuous work.

The whole disc granulator can be divided into five parts:

1. Frame part: Since the transmission part and the rotating working part of the whole body are supported by the frame, the force is relatively large, so the frame part of the machine is welded with high-quality carbon channel steel, and has passed strict quality certification. And the specific technical requirements have achieved the purpose of this machine.

2. Adjusting part: The important part of the whole machine is the pelletizing disc, and the entire center of gravity of the pelletizing disc is installed and adjusted on the part. Our company specially uses high-quality carbon steel plate and channel steel welding, and has passed strict quality The qualification certification has reached the requirements of the machine.

technical parameter

This series of disc granulator has a variety of models, which can be selected according to the user's output needs, or can be made specifically, and its main technical parameters are shown in the following table:

model diameter height Volume m3 Rotating speed r/min Motor kw Production capacity
ZL08 800mm 200mm 0.25 24 1.5 0.1~0.2
ZL10 1000㎜ 220㎜ 0.4 21 2.2 0.3~0.5
ZL15 1500㎜ 300㎜ 1.1 17 5.5 0.5~0.8
ZL25 2500㎜ 500㎜ 2.5 13.6 7.5 1-1.5t/h
ZL28 2800㎜ 550㎜ 3.7 13.6 11 1-2.5 t/h
ZL30 3000㎜ 550㎜ 4.2 11 11 2-3t/h
ZL32 3200㎜ 600㎜ 4.8 10 11 2-3.5t/h
ZL36 3600㎜ 600㎜ 6.1 10 15 3-5t/h

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