Cage grinder

Cage grinder

product description
The urea grinder is a medium-sized horizontal cage grinder. It can crush all kinds of single fertilizers with water content below 40%, and is especially suitable for materials with higher hardness. The machine is designed according to the principle of impact crushing. The two sets of cage rods inside and outside rotate towards each other at high speed. The material is crushed by the cage rod impact from the inside out. It has a simple structure, high crushing efficiency, good sealing performance, stable operation, and convenient Features such as easy cleaning and maintenance.

This machine is composed of main components such as a frame, a casing, a rat wheel set, a mouse wheel set and two motors. When working, one motor drives the large cage to rotate in the forward direction, and the other motor drives the small cage to rotate in the reverse direction. The material enters the inner mouse wheel frame through the hopper, and the material is repeatedly impacted and broken by the steel bar, so as to achieve the effect of finely smashing the material.

technical parameter

model Rotating speed r/min Power consumption kw Yieldt/h Overall dimensions (length×width×height)m weight kg
WLF650 2000 26 4-6 1800×1300×1160 2300
WLF800 2000 37 6-10 2200×1500×1360 2550

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