Double shaft blender

Double shaft blender

product description
The dual-shaft mixer uses two sets of shafts with spiral blades to rotate relative to each other, and add water to spray and stir the powdery materials to achieve controllable humidity. This equipment is mainly suitable for the humidification and mixing of raw materials in the fertilizer industry. Stir the materials thoroughly. And compatible with the conveying function.

The double shaft mixer is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Main motor and cycloid reducer (transmission machinery);
2. To meshing transmission gear;
3. Front and rear thrust bearing assembly;
4. Active and passive spiral stirring shafts;
5. Tank body;
6. Humidifier;
7. Material inlet and outlet;
8. Base frame;

working principle
Working principle: When the dry powdery material enters the trough body evenly through the feed port through the feeder quantitatively, the power transmission machine drives the spiral main shaft equipped with multiple sets of blades to rotate, and the driven screw shaft and the main shaft are driven by the meshing transmission gear. Relatively rotate at a constant speed, so that the materials are mixed and pushed to the humidification section of the tank. After the materials are pushed to the humidification section, the humidifier automatically sprays the materials, and then fully agitates the materials in the mixing section behind the tank. After reaching the controllable humidity, it is discharged from the discharge port and enters the next process.

technical parameter

reducer JZQ Motor Y series Spindle speed r/min Rotation diameter mm Production capacity t/h weight kg
400 400-1V-2 Y160M-4-11 52 400 20 2350
450 500-1V-2 Y160L-4-15 52 450 25 2620
500 500-1V-2 Y180M-4-18.5 53 500 30 2980
55 650-1V-2 Y180L-4-22 53 550 35 3450
600 650-1V-2 Y200L-4-30 52 600 40 3850
650 750-1V-2 Y225S-4-37 52 650 45 4260


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